Weird Drum Kit


I can't find a picture of this drum kit although I've seen it multiple times. They have one on display at Memphis Drum Shop.
It's a kit that I think is acrylic, it has open bottoms and like curves. Like it goes down and curves kind of like an elephant trunk and points out towards the front.
Can anyone tell me what that is based upon that info?


Wow... That is odd! very interesting tho...
anyone have any experience playing them??? looks like they'd be fun and sound pretty Unique!


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Yeah, if I had room ( a museum), I'd want a set, for sure.​
Two real downsides ..... first...... because of their shape, they need custom cases, and the cases need to be almost twice the size (because of the curve) of a standard drum of any given "conventional" size. For example ... a 14" North floor tom case is almost as big as a 22" kick drum case. Great, if your "other" car is a ex-UPS truck, but ....​
second ... no reso. head seriously limits what you can do with this kit. Forget a Powerstroke3/Ambassador head combo, or a Powerstroke3 batter/reso. combo. .... there are no combo's. Serious limitations.​


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Very 70's, very cool in the day. Unfortunately they sound pretty much like any single headed concert tom, just louder.