Wedding/Corporate Band website recordings


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Since there's been some discussion about bar bands, original bands, and corporate/wedding bands, I thought I'd share this. The website has about 20 or so tunes that were recorded a few years back for the wedding band, and I'm playing on most of them (20 out of the 25 or so that have drums on them). We cut 25 tracks in 3 days -- three takes at most, most tunes were one or two takes. Everything is to a click. Hardly any improv on these tracks, since we were asked to keep it like the original as much as possible. I even tuned the toms to the song in Don't Stop Believing (E, G#, A, B).

Gear-wise, on most tracks, I'm playing a Dunnett Ti 6.5X14, a 65 Ludwig (22, 12, 16), and Paiste cymbals: Masters 22 Dark Ride, Masters Dark and Twenty Thin crashes, and 16" hats (16" Traditional Crash top, Rude 16" bottom).

Please check it out! Would love to hear thoughts/feedback/critique.

Scroll down to play the tunes.


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I listened No Diggity, Signed Sealed Delivered and Hard to Handle..

But trust me, this is not what i was referring to when speaking about 'some sort of musicians'

This sounds quite awesome and played very nice..

My compliments..


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(That's not me on No Diggity. We recorded it, and I played the crap out of it, but they used a version they recorded earlier with a different group entirely.)