Weckl with 'Stuff'..


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Not sure if these have been posted here before, but i like his playing here a lot..

Anyone knows if there are more videos from this particular concert or maybe even a complete one..?



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..And maybe the same sound engineer too! Was this made for DCI video?..

As far as i understand the 2 videos i posted are from a Swiss tv-show..

But i think we have a little misunderstanding, because Stuff was the name of a band consisting of some top session players from the 70's and Steve Gadd indeed was also one of them..

The reason i wrote Stuff in the threat-title like 'Stuff', is because basically only Richard Tee (keys) plays there as one of the 70's Stuff members, and yes, he also plays in that Gadd video..:)

If you never heard them, you should definitely check out the 3 albums they released between '75 and '78..

Here is a concert (with Gadd on drums) from them..


Alain Rieder

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I didn't know Weckl had done this, pretty cool.
Yes this is from a Swiss TV show, I have played on the show myself.