Weak-hand frustration!


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If I may ask. What is the technique you are using while you are struggling? And tempo for when resistance kicks in. Or just post a video plz! No one here is going to slay you!


i broke my right hand a few years ago and was forced to play with just my left hand for months(bad break two bones one dislocated) maybe try that. play with one hand it will make your brain go numb but after awhile it starts to feel natural leading with your left. when my hand was cool i could play better with my left for awhile. i also set my kit up lefty sometime and practice,which also is good to strengthen your left foot. doing everyday things with your left as said before really does help.


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I came here to say something like this, I made a conscious effort to start doing these sorts of things years ago, and I think it has helped overall. open doors with your weak hand, if you keep your wallet in your right pocket, start keeping it in your left, when you take stairs, lead with your other foot (you'll be amazed how weird these things feel at first ;-)) If you want a real challenge, even start using your computer mouse with your "weak" hand ;-)
I love the one about leading stairs with your opposite foot, I know it will help me in some way.


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just be vigilant. keep the practice. its an old ANNOYING saying but practice does make perfect. if you keep at it, you will see results. i did.

what worked for me was taking any rhythms that i knew, which i would usually lead with my right hand, i changed it up and lead it with my left hand.

its hard to conquer at first, but if you keep at it, it will be easy as hell. plus, youll be able to whip out some insane, different rudiments that YOU didn't even know you knew.


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Great left hand exercises that helped me get even:

The shuffle pattern, with accents on the quarter notes.

The jazz ride pattern, again accent the quarters.

Really gets the finer muscles involved.

Playing backbeats most of the time doesn't work the finer control muscles you need to play dotted notes.


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The eight on a hand excercise is great for weak hand developement. But no matter what you do, your right hand will be dominant.

Two years ago I started studying open handed drumming. Which is when a right handed drummer plays the kit in a somewhat left handed fashion. The kit stays in the typical position, but your left hand plays your hi hats, and right hand plays snare.

I've now come to the point that I can effortlessly switch playing styles anytime I want (even in the middle of a quick paced song). I use it to make myself look busy.

But through all this, my right hand is still dominant. But I strongly reccomend study of open hand playing. It'll definately improve your left hand skill.