We put Fiberskyns to the test on a Catalina Club!

We just put up a new video on our YouTube channel demonstrating some Remo Fiberskyns on a Gretsch Catalina Club! We put Fiberskyn Ambassadors on the batters and Diplomats on the resos, and a powerstroke 3 on the bass drum batter.

Here's the link for anyone interested :) - [Round 2] Gretsch Catalina Bop (Rosewood Gloss) w/Remo Fiberskyns 18/12/14 Sound Test/Demo - YouTube

We previously featured this kit with Remo coated ambassadors, so here's that video for comparison - 2020 Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Rosewood Gloss (Modified) Sound Test/Demo 18/12/14 - YouTube

Hope you enjoy!


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Nice vid! I would say that I would have gotten more out of it had you done more playing on the toms as the snare, while beautiful sounding, is not part of the kit. All in all though, I really dig your channel and the dedication to bop kits.


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I really enjoy the channel. You really stepped up the camera game. Both kits sound good, but I like the Coated Ambs wildness. The Fiberskyns make the kit a little too polite.