Wax it


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I'm surprised no ones' mentioned wading up duct tape (Alabama chrome) and rolling it over your hands and sticks for a little traction... haha. But I've actually seen that done! Nothing like rocken' on the back roads of N. Idaho!


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I use overgrips (made for tennis rackets ) because is thinner , ligther and cheapper than regular grips.

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promark mae a stick called pro grip, should check it out....has rubber along the bottom third of the stick
i want to get a pair, thiging of getting them this week


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If you want cheap wax just use an old candle. should do the trick.
I also just ordered two pair of Zildjian Dip 7A wood tip sticks. I thought I would compare their dip to
my process. Plus I got a stick bag for each pair I ordered.


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Gruntersdad, I wondered if you ever 'graduated' to the Zildjen (or whatever) wax lol. You guys are paying 'big' premiums for the trick sticks, gloves, etc., when all ya' need is some good cheap z wax. IMHO that is. I use it for practice and playing and since fall haven't used but a quarter of the wax (six bucks I think).