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Hello everyone,

Wave Deckel here. (No, I am not this famous drummer that you might be thinking of. ;)) I am from Europe and I started drumming - like so many guys - as a small kid, hitting carboard boxes, pillows and everything else. I was always fascinated by drumming although I started out learning classical guitar and a bit piano and flute. While playing these instruments, I enjoyed air-drumming. It was fun.

But when I had a chance to play in school with some friends of mine, I found myself behind a drumset very fast, although it was not my set. I played on school-drumsets and borrowed sets before I finally got my first drumset for a few bucks, a Ludwig that had caught fire but was still okay for me. But my parents didn't like it (too loud) and sold it secretly. Thus I had to play again on borrowed sets for some time.

Then came university and work and family and drumming became impossible for a while. A few years ago, I reactivated my "drumming career". I was basically seraching for a jazz, soul or funk unit to join but ended up playing with a classical rock band. Very friendly and humorous guys who - just like me - enjoy playing and interpreting songs. Writing songs is nothing we go after, as we don't want to start a career or something like that. We just want to have some fun.

My drumming style is probably inspired by guys like Steve Jordan, Manu Katché, Ringo Starr and a bit by Joe Morello although my youth idols were drummers like Keith Moon, John Bonham and Barrymore Barlow. People say that I am very good at what I am doing but I think that I am maybe barely an average drummer - if at all. There is so much stuff that you can do on drums and you only manage to learn and master a small area of the whole drumming-concept. Well, anyways, people think that I am a versatile groove-drummer. I try to be it - at least.

Jazz, funk, soul, classic rock, soft-rock or some good pop. That's my world.

Over the past years I have amassed quite some stuff (like so many people...). Some things came, some things went. Here are the drums I play currently.

Tama Superstar Hyperdrive in limited galaxy sparkle (2012), 22x18, 10x6.5, 12x7.5, 16x14. This set is also all birch and I like those fastsize-toms; very nice to set up and a very nice attack. Funk, pop and rock sound great on it.

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B in limited white silk (2014), 20x14, 12x8, 14x14. So much fun, so much eye candy. Yes, I love that set and the whopping sound this bassdrum can deliver. Jazz, funk, soul, rock, pop. It doesn't let me down. Did I mention already that it's pretty?

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B in red oyster (2015). 22x16, 12x8, 16x16. Rock and pop, blues, some soul-jazz, this is where this set really shines. This bassdrum with its incredible low-end sound is maybe a tad too much for smaller clubs but it is amazing on stage in bigger locations. Anyway. Love this set, the sound, the finish. Just everything about it is great. Couldn't ask for more.

And here are my current snaredrums:

Tama Star Bubinga 14x5.5

Tama SLP Super Aluminium 14x5
Tama SLP Vintage Steel 14x5.5
Tama SLP Classic Maple 14x5.5
Tama SLP Vintage Poplar Maple 14x5.5

Tama Artwood Custom Maple 14x5.5
Tama Superstar Birch 14x5.5 (side-snare)

Tama Metalworks 14x5.5
Tama Metalworks 12x5 (side-snare)

Tama Limited Edition Poplar 12x5 (side-snare)

And my cymbals...

10" Sabian HHX Evolution Splash
12" Sabian HHX Evolution Splash
14" Sabian HHX Evolution Hihat
16" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash
18" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash
20" Sabian HHX Evolution Ride

14" Masterwork Jazzmaster Hihat
16" Masterwork Jazzmaster Thincrash
17" Masterwork Jazzmaster Thincrash
21" Masterwork Jazzmaster Ride

8" Masterwork Custom Splash
10" Masterwork Custom Splash
14" Masterwork Custom Medium Hihat
16" Masterwork Custom Medium Crash
18" Masterwork Custom Medium Crash
20" Masterwork Custom Medium Ride

15" Turkish Millenium Hihat
17" Turkish Millenium Crash
19" Turkish Milenium Crash/Ride
20" Turkish Millenium Ride

(not used anymore but still there: ... )
10" Masterwork Troy Ltd. Splash
14" Masterwork Troy Ltd. Medium Hihat
16" Masterwork Troy Ltd. Medium Crash
18" Masterwork Troy Ltd. Medium Crash
20" Masterwork Troy Ltd. Medium Ride

Hardware: Tama and Yamaha

Enough for now...
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A big welcome to the forum! Very nice drum collection. I'm guessing you're fairly keen on Tama snares too ;)

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Thanks. Actually, I don't really know why it turned out that I do have this much Tama stuff. I had owned Ludwig and Pearl drumsets before and Pearl and Mapex Black Panther snares, too, but now they are gone.

I like Yamaha (the Live Customs are impressive), I like Ludwigs Classic Maple, I like the Gretsch Brooklyn, I love the look of the Sakae Trilogy. Nothing wrong with a Pearl Masters or Sonor Ascent. But after buying my first Tama, I was just impressed of the sound, quality and sturdiness of the set. Everything was just the way I wanted. Great hardware, good sizes, great sounding toms and bassdrums. And the funny thing is that some years ago, in the back of my head, Tama always was the "metal-drummers-label", something that didn't attract me at all, being a jazz, funk and soul-drummer at heart. Funny how things change.

Then I looked for some snares. Mapex, Yamaha, Sonor, Pearl, Dunnett, Gretsch, Ludwig... I have tested lots and lots of snares. Then I gave the Metalworks a chance and ... it was way better than expected. Later I tried the SLP's and they are IMO the best bang for the buck you can get right now. (Sure, a Supraphonic is a good sounding snare, but its hardware is just inacceptable for me). The SLPs sound incredible on stage and in the studio, they react predictable and just don't let me down. (Sound engineers were evenso impressed at the sound they delivered and the easy micing). I just don't miss a Supra or an Acrolite anymore, since I do have the Vintage Steel and Super-Aluminium.

One drumset that I'd really love to have is a Yamaha Club Custom. But they are hard to find and most of the time very expensive... :-(
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More stuff.... not really. I just sold my Sonor drumset. But then ... I am considering buying another Tama Starclassic with a 20x14 kick. :p

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Added two HHX Splashes to the list. And I decided, I won't buy another set with a 20x14 kick for now. Three drumsets is currently enough for me.


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One drumset that I'd really love to have is a Yamaha Club Custom. But they are hard to find and most of the time very expensive... :-(

Welcome to the forum! Very cool collection.

The club customs are pretty amazing kits (and the snares are incredible too). I'd probably sell my old Recording customs before I sold my CCs. Good luck with the hunt!

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New bunch or Jazzmaster cymbals added to the list. And that Tama Star snare. I am tempted to buy the Yamaha EAD10 next. But there is only an app for iOS for now. The Android-app is not finished yet. I guess I will have to wait a bit...

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Not at all. It is quite easy to get a nice balance of snare, hitom and floortom when you have a 12-16 setup. Easier than the with a 10-12-16-setup IMO. A 10" tom is more likely to get melodically in the way of the snaredrum in my case, thus I don't use it. And with 10-12-16 you really have to find a nice balance between the three toms in order to make it all sound good. With just two toms, it's a no-brainer. Tune the floortom a tad higher if needed, the hitom a tad lower, if you want. No need to think about a third tom from a harmonic point of view.


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I hadn't seen your Tama's before. I love the white kit with the 20" Kick drum. I have a Starclassic B/B with the 20 x 18. I would love a B/B kit with a 20" kick but you can't seem to get them anymore in the B/B range. I enquired a while ago about a custom made 20"B/B Kick to match my set but the price was $2100 Au and Tama would only make a 20x 18. I would have done it for a 20x14 or even a 20x16.

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Currently, Tama offers 20x16 bassdrums on special order for the B/B. The 20x14 are hard to find, usually only with their limited B/B jazz-editions. Ceck Tamas website -> Starclassic B/B -> additional drums. Also check if the colour you want is available. Some colours come, some go...