Watch Me Torture My Jazz Band :)


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Read the video description and it explains it all :)

Just kidding of course.
I have the deepest respect for the bandmates that are in this video and I treat them as equals even though I know that I am their master :)
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I love it when the keyboard player says, "Lets play Sugar" after the second Fail!
It is priceless :)
The trumpet player walks right into it at the beginning of the video. He suggests that we run some Swing Tunes and I let them have it.


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Fun, Bob! Straight, No Chaser was the first jazz tune I learned on trumpet. You tell your friend that some drummer from Oregon who has only played trumpet for about a year could have kept up with your tempo. :p


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Funny video and great drumming too. I was so excited when they started it the second time through. I thought they had it and then it fell apart.

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I was a trumpeter too, I'm surprised they didn't say anything.

Can't just jump into a song like that, gotta get that embouchre going first.


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I don't even think that they thought about it Dre. The tune was called, they turned to the page and they began to play. They were not happy about the idea of the video so they were nervous.
later, when they saw the video and they saw all of the good tunes that were recorded they were happy about it.
The video was taken so that I could use good parts of it on a Reverbnation webpage. They hated that Idea too until they viewed the page.
Old folks don't embrace technology.

Thanks drummerjims.

Caddy, I told them what you said :)

Last Monday we played Christmas tunes in Jazz style for a portion of our session. The keyboard player should up with some arrangements that he found somewhere.
That was fun but it got old quick. After the fourth tune the Sax player declared, "Thats Enough"