Was there a point where you stopped feeling like a faker?


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My mum used to say "Nobody works harder than a thief." There's some truth to that.
That's true-and cheaters. I remember in high school several of my friends would take pride in cheating certain classes-like a badge of honor. They would create all these elaborate and crazy schemes to cheat on exams. I'd just comment it was easier to study for the exam than all that crap but they often had better grades. Not that I didn't try cheating in Spanish class but I got caught every time (apparently I suck at it) and carried to principals office where one of the coaches would come in with a paddle board and perform a butt lift on you LOL. Don't take many of those to discourage that sort of thing.


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September 21, 2019. After our set, my old friend and drum teacher told me that I "really know how to drive the band". Biggest boost to my confidence ever.

Still have a lot of work to do. Loving every minute of it.
I always feel like a faker playing in front of other drummers . I can mostly serve any of the music I play pretty well, and most covers that I play would be close enough that only another drummer would know I’m faking a little. When it comes to recognizable parts and or fills above my skill level , they require me to listen to the songs over and over and play them constantly and break em down section by section . Even though I can play a lot of songs , there are many more that are above my skill level . There’s always more to know and learn at any level and in that sense I guess I’ll always feel like I’m faking when trying new stuff . I guess I’m not really answering properly.

For the songs and music I play within the skill level and comfort range I’m at , I’m not faking . New stuff or disciplines ?........I often feel like I’m faking . I guess that means I’ll always feel like I’m faking because there’s always more to learn and I’ll never know everything. ....... NOT EVEN CLOSE lol !
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I sometimes feel that way as well, but it's a learning journey... we never stop learning and finding new things to get better at


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The more you expand your vocabulary through studying/practicing, playing with others and listening to a wide range of music, the less you will feel like a 'faker' or imitator. That said, the more you know, the more you don't know so there's always going to be an element of feeling like you are not doing something on your own terms.


Yep, about fifteen years ago it suddenly dawned on me that I'm good at what I do - move a rock/pop band with authority. Don't know rudiments. Can't read music. I don't think I could even bluff my way through a solo. But I can propel a pop/rock/country band. I suck at what I can't do, but I'm good at what I do. That's where my confidence lies. And I don't feel bad or inferior because I can't do it all. And that feels good. End of story.

Excellent answer sir. Right there with you.