Warrant Lead Singer DEAD


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Alas................another Rock Star is dead...............Jani Lane former lead singer of Warrant. I am sure it was either coke or smack. RIP.


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At least he made it to 47 and not 27 but still young. The lifestyle you choose is the one that will kill you.


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I am not surprised.

I know his last re-union with Warrant went badly because he was too drunk to perform.

He got arrested for a DUI mere blocks my house last year. A few months after that my wife saw him at the grocery store, looking haggard. As a father or two, It didn't exactly please me to know this guy was driving around my neighborhood drunk.

Sad he had to die over his drinking, but at least he didn't take anyone else out in the process.


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Janie has been a train wreck for years. I'm sad to hear this but i'm not at all surprised. RIP.


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I think it's sad when anyone curls the toes up before their time.

But the downside is that I've already heard Cherry Pie three times now since this news broke. I swear if I have to hear that trash again, I'll make every effort to join Jani on the otherside of the Jordan.

Why couldn't the song have died and the artist lived!