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All the recordings I've put up here have horrible sound quality, usually captured with a mobile phone recorder or through the laptop microphone. This is a little better. It's a warmup I was doing before a recording session that I didn't know was being recorded, but featured drums that had proper microphones.and levels set. So I thought I would share it.


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I'm off to Switzerland in about an hour, but I thought I gave your warmup a listen before I go...

... woaw, some nice interactions in that little piece, good little ghosties, tricky hi-hat and syncopated bass drum, I liked that a lot, very cool warmup :)


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Very cool indeed! Nice to hear your wonderful skills with the benefit of a good sound. Great stuff.

BTW, good luck Henri.


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This clip is just so musical, very relaxed and love the interplay you have working between the voices on the set.

It sounds like we have extremely similar influences musically or perhaps even drummers.

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A bit surprised, Larry. I was expecting something more jazzy and instead it's fusion. Terrific skills and good sounding kit - esp the toms.