Wanted some opinions on some used drums for sale


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I ran across these 2 sets on Craigslist and wanted to get any feedback - they're both great deals but would they be ok for gigs? The first is a Mapex. They look kind of funky but the price is unbeatable:


and the second are vintage drums that I haven't been able to find any info for online:


Any feedback appreciated. I just bought an electronic set so I'm crunched for the time being.



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I'd pass on both. I can't tell what series the Mapex are, but that square tom is going to be a pain, and the front hoop on the kick is probably gone. The Jet kit does not appear on the list of stencil brands that Pearl made in the 60s, which were, in turn, pretty poor kits anyway, with dismal hardware, and soft luan shells.

If you're looking for the cheapest drums possible, and have absolutely no hopes of even modest quality, offer $50 for the Mapex, maybe $150 is fair for the other. I'd suggest moving up to the $2-300 range, and being patient. A guy on another board just scored a Yamaha Stage Custom 5-piece with all hardware, A Customs and a Z Custom crash for $5-600 (I forget). That's worth, as far as effectiveness, oh, about 50x what these kits are.

Drums are loud and big, there's always somebody clearing out a kit they're sick of looking at. Keep an eye out for Exports, Catalinas, Rockstarrs, Swingstars, x005s, Stage Customs, et al, you'll find a way better kit for $200.



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Don't know how I missed them - come to think of it I did see the Yamahas a little while back. I wasn't looking then, but since sold a few guitars that a guy threw in for free when I bought his Roland TD6 kit. Craiglist has been invaluable, thanks for the input...



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I made a $200 offer on the Yamaha drums, and never heard back even though the guy said he would go down from $250. Just trying to feel out the used drum market right now.

How about these old Tama Imperialstars?


They are really a little large for what I want, but they look interesting for the price. I looked them up in the Tama catalogue, and they would probably be 1981, since they made them then without bottom heads. Wonder how that would sound?

I used to have a set of Fibes (haven't done a search to see if they have been mentioned here), and they also had a big 24" bass drum.



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The Tama's are a way better set of drums. The 14" tom appears to be an "add on", being it has reso. lugs. Notice the kick has 10 lugs per side. Those first 2 kits you posted, I think were both 6 luggers.....