Wanted: Drummer


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I'm looking for a drummer, and I thought this might be a good place to ask.

Are any of you drummers? Do you know any drummers?

...but seriously. What I actually need is a drummer from the UK. But not just from the UK...I need someone from the south of England. And not only that, but someone from the area around Guildford.

Know anyone good?

What's it for, you say?

...and the answer is...


You'll probably notice that the actual tracks on there don't have real drums on, for the most part, but when we play these songs live we basically take whatever arrangement we have and modify it for drum kit, bass, guitar, keys and vocals. It doesn't have to be the same. In fact, we like the change. Well, I do.

...that's it, really. Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested!
I'm not looking for just one drummer, since this is really to be part of a backing band of sorts, so a selection to choose from would be even better.

Thanks for reading!