Wanted: Bright Hats with Synergy


Looking for a pair of bright hats that have a similar trait to a pair of Zildjian K Custom Darks that I have. The Z's have an incredible sound when slightly open. The cymbals come 'alive' with a silvery sizzle that I have never found in another pair -even other Z Custom K Darks. The two cymbals compliment each other with a sound that far exceeds the two individual cymbals.
One unique aspect of the Z CK Dark is that the top cymbal is thin - a lot thinner than any other Hats I've seen.
Any thoughts of a bright type that has a thinner top or an incredible sizzle would be much appreciated. This is a search that I've been on for years!! Please help!!


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I'm confused. Why don't you just get a pair of K Custom Dark Hats? I agree with you that those are some amazing hats and would love to have a pair myself.


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15" Paiste 2002 sound edge

very lively hi hats with excellent half-open sizzle
I find the medium pitch of these hi hats make them very versatile

they are splashy but full, bright but also warm sounding

If you already have K cust darks - you'll be hard pressed to find anything better...IMO
those are tasty hats...

aside from a pair of Paiste Sig Dark Crisp 15's
the K cust darks would be my next choice
but I'll never get rid of the 2002's they rock
and they definately have that silvery sizzle you talk about:)


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Paiste signature, K-Hybrids and the wild card would be Dream Energy with its super heavy unlathed bottom and thin top out of these 3 which are my top 3 owned ever the Dreams are cloest to what you are after..check'm out if you can..


Thanks guys!!
I'll definitely check those hats out when I find them! I don't really know much about the Dream Cymbals. Altho I have both Paiste types 2002 in a china circa 1977 & a Signature Dry Crisp Ride -my go to. I love the sound!!!
Again, Thanks
Mike M -as I mentioned I HAVE a pair of the Z CK Darks -I want similar but brighter...