Want to Trade? Cool stuff inside;)


So, I have some stuff lying around collecting dust that I'm looking to trade. I would like to trade these as a lot and not individually:

(1) Pearl JG16 Jungle Jig floor tom to Bass Drum converter Kit ($29.99) w/ 16" Pearl Optimount Tom Mounting System ($39.99) - *Used 2 times*
(1) Apple iPod Nano 8 GB Silver ($120.99) w/ ($15) iTunes Gift Card - *Used Once, Like New, Original Packaging, Headphones Unused*
(1) Dave Weckl's, A Natural Evolution: How To Develop Technique DVD ($27.49) - *Viewed Once*
(1) Dave Weckl's, A Natural Evolution: How to Develop Your Sound DVD ($26.99) - *Viewed Once*
(1) Dave Weckl's, Exercises for Natural Playing (Book & CD) ($14.95) - *Like New, Thumbed Once*
(1) Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper ($20.50) - *Open Box, Never Used*

Ok, so what I'm I looking for? Unique and/or out of print "drumset" books & dvds (eg. George Marsh's "Inner Drumming", William Norine's "Virtuoso Studies for Drumset", Marco Minnemann's "Maximum Minnemann" etc.); Skype drumset lessons (see below); tama camco bass drum pedal, ahead drumsticks (5a/7a), retractable brushes, assorted mallets, scrap metal, anvil, large dinner bell etc., Other books & dvds (eg. drum history, care & maintenance, how to practice (general), technique, method, biography, reference, theory, harmony, ear training), practice tools or whatever you're not using;)

Either post here or just shoot me a PM of what you have and if I'm interested I'll contact you. And if you're wanting to trade skype drumset lessons let me know what you can teach me? I'm particularly interested in personal methods/approaches/techniques & philosophies from Pro or Advanced drummers with minimum of 10 years of intense training. Does not even have to be a formal drum lesson just a Q&A of sorts.

Let's trade!


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I was one of Bill Norine's students at Berklee 1980-82 learning from Virtuoso Studies, 4 way Fusion and his Virtuoso Snare solo book. I have also been teaching the Virtuoso Studies book for the last 23 years as drumset instructor at Selkirk College ( www.selkirk.ca ). If you're still interested in studying this great stuff let me know.
Steven Parish