Want to make your drums sound great? get in


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That's very cool! Really makes me want to learn more about music theory.
Usually I don't like ending fills on rack toms, but It sounded great during that song (I'm assuming because of the precise tuning.)

Anyway very impressive!


Wow! Thank you for sharing this!! This is right up my alley because I prefer to treat the drums as a musical instrument too, but I've never thought about tuning my drums for individual songs.

Now of course I wouldn't be able to do this at a gig or at a band practice due to a lack of time, but I would certainly love to try this in a recording session if I reach that point in my career (especially if I end up in a session where I have the time to tune in between songs).


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Idan, a huge welcome to the forum! That video was quite superb. Most informative & delivered in an easy to understand style. I started my playing with Timpani, so I'm well used to tuning in sympathy with the piece. However, I'd really forgotten the benefits of application to drum kit. Thanks again. 5 Drummerworld stars & I subscribed to your Youtube channel. I'm looking forward to viewing your other videos, and having your input on the forum.


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Thanks for the video, I learned a lot from it!

I had a few questions though... What do you do about your bottom heads? Don't they affect the sustain of your drums (and the note) as well? Also what about your bass drum? And do you pick out cymbals that follow this?


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Hi Ethan

well, just like other objects in the world, drumheads tend to resonant when they
"meet" a similar note. therefor, both heads would sound great when they are tuned
to the same note.
you can also try other notes for the bottom head to get interesting overtones.
somtimes when you have different notes you'll hear "paawoo" sound
If you like it-go for it, I do it sometimes.

The bass drum should be treated the same but because the notes are lower
you will have to train your ears to be able to tell between them
I'm sure that after a while you'll make it good as well.

cymbals tend to have many overtones but if you listen well you can hear
some notes that rise above the others. specialy the bell.
sometimes I listen to cymbals in a tonal way but mainly for ride.

another interesting thing I heard when I listened to tracks I recorded
is that my hihat changes the pitch because I change the level of pressure
with my foot...sometimes in a magical way, when you listen to the hihat
in a solo mode, you can actually hear a melody with a changing pitch.

I promise to shoot some more videos...
and share some more interesting stuff
as soon as I find some time for it.

Talk to you soon!


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very well done....Ive done this for years when in the studio, but it is impossible to do while gigging as the key changes sort of ruin the concept. I truly enjoyed your approach to drums and they way you conveyed your thoughts....



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Excellent video, never thought of tuning that way. Definitely gives me more to think about when it comes to tuning for playing!!