Want new drum sound and reconfig... Again...


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Well, I'm kind of in the market again to try new drums in different sizes and what have you..

Current Set up:
1970's Ludwig 14/18/24 with a 14" Supraphonic
14" K Hi hats
20" K Ride (used as crash)
20" A Custom EFX Crash
24" Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Ride

I'm looking for another 12/14/20 size kit. I really enjoyed the Yamaha Stage Custom when I had them. My ludwig is old and tired and a PITA to transport.

How do people feel for those new Crush kits, or the Ludwig break beats?

Trying to not spend more than $500 MAX and also would maybe want to consider getting a smaller ride. Or would a 24" ride still be ok with a 20" bass drum? I feel it'll drown it out.

The style of music we are going for is a Mars Volta meets King Crimson, if that matters.


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Well the break beats are going to be smaller than 12/14/20. They are 10/13/16. Though I have a good friend of mine who does Mars Volta type stuff that gigs with a 16x16 bass drum with 10/12/14 toms. Personally, I'd look around and see what's available used.. though I admit usually there aren't a ton of 20's out there.