Walopus Drum Wrap (The Business) is for Sale


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Hey everyone,

Long time since I was here last. Long story short, this pandemic has brought upon quite a few changes in my life and I am no longer able to give Walopus the attention it deserves. If you, or someone you know would like to operate a small drum wrap business, contact me at: walopus@gmail.com

In short:
Can be operated by 1 person working less than 15 hours/week.
Can be operated in less than 200 sf
Very Profitable
Turn-key, up and running business complete with all equipment, inventory, etc.
Cash deal. No payments or any other form of financing. (You would need access to ~ USD $50K


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Going to be pretty hard selling cheap drum wrap when you can go to Walmart or Michaels or your favorite crafts shop and buy some Circuit Vinyl and use it for wrapping drums.