Walking bass drum.

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I found that when I started using a double pedal I can't get the drum to stop moving forward. Even with the spikes out on both the spurs and pedal. I have it clamped to the hoop properly but it twists around when I play. In a way my bass drum is light because it doesn't have a tom mount. What can I do to fix this, do I always have to put something in front of the bass drum to block it?
I never had an issue with it using just a single pedal, or if it was moving it was barely noticeable. I just noticed last night using the twin pedal that when i looked down during a song my set up would look different.


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I've found having a rug helps, that extends from in front of the bass drum to at least the back of the thrown. Can you drive the spikes of the spurs into the rug, and the weight of sitting your throne should hold it all back.

Not recommended to do on your living room carpet though.

I'll never forget that Elvin Jones would have his tech nail a piece of wood to the floor in front of the bass drum, without any regard to the damage it would do to the stage. I think most of us would get tossed out of the club if we did that! (Elvin obviously didn't use a double pedal).


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If you're on a rug, a healthy sized piece of velcro stuck to the bottom of your kick perhaps?
Or you could tie the kick to your throne somehow, then if the kick moved forward, so would you ha ha. That actually does work.


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You could tie the kick to your throne somehow, then if the kick moved forward, so would you ha ha. That actually does work.
Old School Solution: Make a loop of small diameter rope/cord (e.g. 5 mm climbing accessory cord). Either attach it to the foot pedal or snake it through a couple of bass drum lugs.


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Thanks guys. The problem was due to being on a laminated floor I guess. Tieing the stuff up is an interesting idea, if I end up moving myself I might reconsider how I play haha. The only idea I was planning to try was taking a rubber/foam soundoff pad and putting it under the bass drum shell.
As far as I know everything is solid when its set up on carpet. I was just wondering if drum mat + velcro on the slave pedal + spikes from drum and pedal is all I can do.


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Guitar center has a drum rug for about 30 bucks that has a bass drum chock on the front it works awesome