Walk away snare drum


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Weirdest thing ever happened to me last night. I dreamed that someone was playing drums in front of my window. Turns out some drunk kids were actually playing a snare drum outside of my window. My neighbor quickly confiscated the snare and told the kids to leave before it could disturb my sleep too much.

Now kids making noise at night isn't a weird phenomenon what makes it weird is that it was MY SNAREDRUM! Apparently (and this is the most likely scenario) I left my snare in front of my door after my last practice session (which was last Friday). The snare was in a bag as well. I lost the bag (still trying to find it). Talk about stupid! That'll teach me never to drink during practice ever again..


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Great story.

It gives me an idea. I'm going to disconnect my front door bell and put a cheap snare and a pair of sticks on a stand on the front porch.

Put a little note over the door bell button that says,

"Door Bell Broken.

Please use snare drum."


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That's wild! The fact that it really was your snare sounds more dream-like than anything else. I'm glad you only lost the case, and not the drum.

If we're on the subject of drum dream, back in college I used to dream that I was in a pawn shop (though I'd never been in one at that point) in some unknown town, and found most of the drums from Keith Moon's Pictures of Lily set, but even though they were dirt cheap, I didn't have the money to buy them. So (this is 1990-ish - no cell phones) I was trying to borrow money from strangers, convincing them of how great a find this was. Never forgot that dream!