Waffling on a Byzance crash...


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I've been putting together my kit by combing through craigslist, ebay, GC Used, and local shops and am at my last essential piece.. the crash. I've done a good bit of searching locally for something used, but hadn't found anything that really just called out to me until I happened upon a Meinl Byzance Traditional 18" thin crash. The sound was fantastic and it had a great feel. The cymbal looked a bit used, so it was either used or a floor model, but was in great condition.

A couple of questions:
1) The cymbal was priced at $200 is that a good price? The eBay sold listings are a bit varied.
2) The price is at the top of what I'd like to spend.. what other cymbals could I look for to get a sound closer to this one that I could get a better deal on?


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Seems like a good price. All the new ones I have seen are about $280-350. Buy it, 'cause good cymbals are the most essential part of any kit!


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$200 may be a good deal, depending on its condition. Cascio Music on ebay is usually a good baseline to check for prices. They sell like new cymbals that are really like new. i recently purchased an 18" Byzance Sand thin crash from them for $220 and it was no different from a new one at my local store. That said, if it is noticeably used, $200 is probably the top end of its value on the used market. I will say, though, that I love Meinl's thin crashes, so if you are happy with it and the price, go for it.


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It is written in the Drummers Code, Article 8, section C subsection 1A, paragraph 3:

If a drummer encounters a cymbal for sale that speaks to him, the drummer shall henceforth be required to purchase it.

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I just bought the Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 18" Thin crash for $310 plus tax Canadian. Well worth every penny.