Wacky Drum-related Dreams


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Every now and again I'll have a weird dream related to drumming. These generally fall into one of three categories:

1) Trying to get to the gig, or getting set up for the gig, and either I never get there, or things are all wrong when I do (forgot stuff, hardware is broken, etc.)

1a) A variation of above, except the calamity happens once we're playing (bandleader calls out unknown song, unable to play, etc.)

2) Stumbling upon a cache of apparently free-for-the-taking drum gear of variable quality (sometimes junk; sometimes not). Last night's dream saw me walk away with an armful of K or K Customs (hard to tell, but the hats were Ks for sure), what looked like a Blaemire snare, a snare stand, and a nearly new Yamaha boom stand -- plus the best find of all, a pristine roll of 70's Ludwig red strata wrap to redo my Standards with.

I'm sure many of you have had similar crazy nocturnal drum-related visions. Feel free to share your craziest.


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Mine is not drum related but the same as your number 1) trying to get somewhere and getting lost, taking the wrong road etc.

Lost: Dreaming that you are lost indicates that you have lost your way in life. You need to get back on track. You are unsure where the right way to head is. If you are asking for help it means you realize that you cannot do things on your own and you want people to advise you. On the other hand, you might be places in a new situation that you are still trying to find your way around.


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The weirdest I've ever had was that Neil Peart for some reason I have no idea why, shows up at where I'm going to school and goes into my classroom and I just go insane because Neil Peart is in my classroom. There's nothing in my school worth getting signed by him because it's a classroom and teachers are usually gonna clean the classroom to make it look nice and not a train wreck.


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I had one for the first time the other night. I was practising a song that my band wanted to add to our set list; it was a Latiny thing (= argh!) so I was working and working on it for hours. When I finally stopped, I found that my sticks had been worn down not just at the tips and shoulders, but also where I'd been holding them.


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Not my craziest, but night before last I dreamt that I owned my dream kit, a DW-CS Exotic kit, yet the kit that I was staring at had one of the ugliest plastic gloss finishes, and I remember just standing there and staring at it with confusion and agitation over buying it.


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Lately I've been having dreams about Led Zeppelin. In the first one in I was hanging out with the band's road crew at a venue and was angling for an opportunity to meet Bonham. He was still using his Thermogloss kit so it would have been very early '70s or earlier.

In the second one I was actually performing with them at Madison Square Garden in '73. I'm not sure if I was Bonham, or what, but when we played the Ocean we brought another drummer on and I played rhythm guitar. I was nervous the whole time because I didn't know if the other guys knew I was really bad at guitar.

I've had a few others where I'm playing the Thermogloss for a small crowd of people and I can feel the music better in my dream than I ever do in reality. It's very weird but I'm always excited to wake up and reminisce about it.
I have a re-occurring dream where I'm late for a gig and the guys in the band set up the drums for me, thinking they're doing me a favor, I walk in sit down play five seconds of the first song and everything falls apart! very frustrating