Vox Telstar Drum Kit Demo


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The product description on a U.K. Retailer/Distributor's website doesn't even list the wood type!!.

A drum kit close to 2k and all you know is the bass drum is a funny shape.....

I'm a hard pass, both on sound and looks.

Bo Eder

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There’s just no way I would take one of those to a gig. What if someone asked my why the bass drum is weird? “So it used to have two chambers back in the 60s, but now it’s just for looks.”
Come on now, you’re not even gonna have that conversation! It’ll be a pretty girl who says “it looks like a flat tire”, and she’ll either dig it or hate it. Trust me 😂😂😂


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I see these kits at a lot of the vintage drum fayres in the UK, same with the trixons. Always wanted to play the trixon conical shaped drums. Remember seeing old Gerry and the Pacemekers vids and their drummer used a Trixon.

As for that bass drum, it was a silly idea then and to bring it back and charge £2k for it is just as silly. Was it designed for someone with a really long band name?
you could be right, but they’re not having good luck when you think about it. Like everybody else due to the shutdown. They could be Tama’s 11” toms but the shape of that bass drum is world-known. I’d love to get just the bass drum.
Bo, I remember those 11" tom tom days! That and the triangular lugs with "video pastel colors. "