Volunteers needed to test timing trainer software


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I am currently doing research into timing training for musicians. I'm looking for musicians who would be interested in downloading and testing some timing training software, and then filling in a very short online survey (16 point-and-click questions). Downloads and more information available here:


Thanks, and please pass the link on to anyone who might be interested.

David Manchip


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I just played with it for a few minutes. Very interesting! Unfortunately, I don't have my drums at the moment but I'll try it when I get to my set.

Nick G.

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great idea!
im just sitting in my bedroom at the moment tapping on my leg to see how it goes but it seems like a great idea :)

i assume you made this program so just a quick suggestion, perhaps make a fade back in time?
i havent looked at the survey yet as im waiting to be sitting behind a kit so for all i know thats one of the parts of it :p


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Actually, that's probably the most requested feature so far, to have the regular click come back in again after a specified time. I'll definitely look into changing it.


I'll bite!

My dissertation is writing software (I'll be using Max/MSP) but it's always good to help another student out!


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Appreciated :)
I'm up to about 15 survey responses now, and I guess I need about 50, so every one counts.


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I have used it. I like how the click fades, I agree with the other post it should fade back in
other than that it seems like a useful tool. I will take the survey in about a week.


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A big thank you to everyone who has tried the software and completed the survey. I've received some really useful feedback and suggestions, I might even look into turning this into something professional once the studies are done. I'm going to leave the site up and the survey open for a few days in case there are any late comers.