Vocals... Bleh


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Nah. Vocals and the vocalist are the key for me whether that be the prog-rock, ska, punk rock, or 60s music, I enjoy listening to.

I don't listen to much folk and blues because there's too much playing and not enough vocals. Find it all a bit instrumentally, over-indulgent to be honest.
I agree with this. I am about as much as fan of instrumentals as I am acapella vocals. Both require each other to make a complete song.


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Mate, they are the FRONT men. It's called it for a reason. It's them who step to the front, and bands live or die by how they perform to a large extent.

Hardest job in any band...I couldn't do it.

(PS: if my front man some day reads this...I'm joking....and have my fingers crossed whilst typing).
I don't know, I had a band that was doing just fine, until some guitarist decided he was da front man.

Historically though, the front men were guitarists with acoustic guitars, and you couldn't hear them sing, or play guitar, so they sat in front of the band, and looked pretty.


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Not me...I love a good vocal,and vocal harmonies.That's why I can listen to Beatles,Beach Boys(especially Good Vibrations and Surfs Up albums),Eagles,Poco and a few other bands with with a great front man like Paul Rogers

Listen to anygood live version ot "All Right Now" or "Can't Get Enough",Without the vocal,there's no song,period.An instrumental would be like elevator ..."music"

Take a listen to the Beach Boys album "Surfs Up",it's on youtube.It's NOT surfing music at all.There's a tune on it called,"Till I Die",If you can really listen to it.and not be moved.,then you really must truly hate singing.

I'll tell you what,you'll also never get a job working in a Boy Scout summer camp

Steve B.


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I went through a focus on instrumental music in the late 70s and for a while mostly listened to fusion, jazz, and prog (not a lot of vocals). I especially loved the riffs, textures, energy and abstract, psychedelic vibe. I've swung back again and am happy with either vocal or instrumental music, depending on mood.

As with many musos, I'd prefer that vocals were less dominant in mainstream music. I'd love to play in an instrumental band but, outside of art music, audiences tend to demand vocals.
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I can't get into the vocals until I am already digging the music. If I don't like the music, I wont bother with the lyrics.


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About 85% of what I listen to is instrumental. But almost none of what I play is. Why? It is because almost no one where I live wants to hear instrumental music. Peace and goodwill.


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To me a great song is a great song regardless if it has lyrics or not. I can enjoy a song by Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis as well as one by The Beatles or The Beach Boys.