Virgil Donati


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Can't find ANYTHING about his NEW DW kit or what series hardware he uses neither on DW'S website or on Virgils! :(,
ANYONE on here know what series, sizes, of his DW kit(s) &what DW series hardware he's using?.
I love Austin Burcham's Study the Greats series. He has a new video analyzing Virgil Donati:

"He's in a different stratosphere. He's gone into conceptual environments that nobody else has even dared to think about. And the fact that he can physically execute all these concepts is a testament to what has to be just an unrelenting discipline and dedication to this instrument that not many people are willing to do. The dude is on a different level."

I actually laughed when the transcript came up.


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I saw him play recently with a band called Southern Sons here in South Australia. I was in awe of his timing and skills. Great to watch.