Vipercussionist makes some noise.


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Here's a few YouTube's of my main band Young Neal & The Vipers.

The lighting is pretty bad w/ typical bad YouTube sound on the Hendrix parts 1 & 2
(Solo on part two)
Recorded @ Theodore's in Springfield Massachusetts USA late October 2007.
Played my Black 1970's Ludwig B&O's, 12, 16, 24 w/ 6-1/2 supra. (JHB model)
Young Neal & The Vipers - Fire/Hendrix - part 1 time: 6:13
Young Neal & The Vipers - Fire/Hendrix - part 2 time: 5:54

Here's 2 minutes of a show done @ Ballard's on Block Island, Rhode Island, USA on Sunday July 8, 2007
That's not my kit, the club supplied it.
Young Neal & The Vipers - Treat Her Right

Here's a couple from a roots rock band I play with, it's called "The Red Shoes Band" decent lighting as it was outdoors, sound ain't TOO bad.
Recorded on Main Street in Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA, June 24, 2007
Another of my "cool" kits, 50's and 60's mix of Keystone WMP Ludwigs, 12, 14, 28x10 kick and a 5x14 matching wood snare.
The Red Shoes Band - Great Balls of Fire time: 3:17
The Red Shoes Band - Movin' Back to Memphis time: 5:18

If you haven't yet heard enough, visit my MySpace at
The songs on the player there span all the way back to the 1970's!! Newest ones at the top

Here's a few that have accumulated and I haven't added here yet.

Here's a gig that had we not had a stage to set up on, we would have been standing in water!!
Young Neal & The Vipers - Surf's Up!! time: 4:12
Young Neal & The Vipers - Flip, Flop and Fly time: 6:44
DAMN!! I hate what YouTube does to ruin a video.

Here's a few from the C-Note in Hull MA. We had no idea we were on camera, probably made it better as we were just playing instead of worrying!!
Not a bad recording from a camera way up near the ceiling!! Kudo's to Gregg, one of the cool soundmen!!
Young Neal & The Vipers - I Want You To Love Me time: 4:37
Young Neal & The Vipers - Lookin' Back time: 3:09
Young Neal & The Vipers - Little Sister time: 4:52
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I think I gave the wrong link in that last post!!

Played at a wedding reception last Saturday 9.27.08 and by chance Chuck Prefontaine from YouTube Channel HYPETV was there and had a small hand held video camera with him so he recorded a few things from the band.

He was nice enough to post 'em on YouTube for us too!!

This was the last song of the evening, it's called "Surf's UP!"
More of YouTube's overcompression, distortion and choppy video, but you'll get the gist!!

Young Neal and The Vipers - Surf's UP!

Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.
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Thanks gentlemen!! It's nice when people who KNOW better say your doing well. I try not to take what fans say to heart so I won't get too full of myself!! L0L!!!


Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.


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Love the band man! I thought the slower version of Little Sister was awesome...very very groovy!
Great in the pocket drumming!