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Hey all, looking to possibly make a move on this kit. To anyone with vintage Tama knowledge, any thoughts on asking price vs. condition? Might be making an offer today but doesn’t hurt to solicit some opinions.



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Looking at the pics, #10 looks like there is bearing edge damage and possible ply separation. The ply separation might just be dirt or something, but I definitely see a dark line that follows the curve of the edge. The damage, however, is clear as day.

That on top of the scratches and gouges on the finish, I would pass. Just my opinion.

EDIT: I looked again, the bearing edge damage is just a reflection of the claws on the head. Had to zoom way in to see it.
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Barring any damages requiring repairs, I'd say that the kit should sell in the $400-500 range due to the highly depressed used drum market. At $500 or less, you will be able to recoup your investment once the market improves - IF that happens.

That's a good kit in one of the most desired finishes. And I would bet that you will bring it home for $500.

Good luck!!!



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Thanks gentlemen. A few dings and scratches don’t bother me, as I will most likely be gigging this kit anyway (I take care of my stuff but I also don’t lose my mind if something minor or cosmetic happens). I had similar thoughts on pricing, so I appreciate the affirmation. I’ve made an offer, and am waiting for a response.


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You can check eBay for these. There are several kits for sale. For me .... the main plus to this kit is the traditional sizes. Most of these kits have power toms. So if that's a thing for you, it might be worth a bit more ..... to get what you want. Anyhow .... you made an offer ..... good luck.