vintage snare mystery


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So i got this snare along with a boatload of other things i mentioned before and noticed something was not right. Although it sounded rather nice, i both hated the wrap and saw inside there were extra holes. So i decided to take it apart and see what i could find. It was a brass shell, that at one point had different lugs, but that was not what confused me but explained the extra holes. What confused me was the shell. At first i thought it was 2 shells, one bolted on top of the other but after some prying found that not to be the case. The drilling showed it to be one piece brass (and surprisingly thick), and looking from the outside i noticed that the outside shell formed the entire bearing edge on the bottom and was actually not a separate part of the shell. What confused me greatly was that the top piece was just hammered and wobbly. Beneath it was an equally uneven little fold in the metal. I thought at first this was the original shell but after peeling back the top piece of brass a bit i saw it was a welded on fold and that the actual shell was the uneven looking thing. Another mystery is there is no cut in the brass for it to fold over any further into the shell... i cant think how it was meant to look, any ideas? Or is it that old it would have just shipped with an uneven shell?



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This is what happens when a shoemaker,decides he can build a better drum.The interior looks like a metal Slingerland shell,as they used oval shaped washers to reinforce their shells.The exterior looks to be a hand fashoned piece of brass,over the existing metal shell.A real mystery to be sure.In it's present shape,not a production shell .

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That's a timbale that someone has converted to a snare drum. Note the asymmetrical lugs that were obviously on the drum earlier that point to it only having one head originally.

Someone has cack-handedly reshaped and hammered the bottom of the timbale over to form an ersatz bearing edge.

The bead towards the camera side on your view looks to be a strengthening bead.

Not sure what make though.