Vintage Slingerland


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A friend of mine found this in his in-laws barn and gave it to me free of charge. Can any of you enlighten me any on this drum.
From what I have found, I think it is late 50's. I'm not sure on the model and there is nothing written anywhere that i see besides it obviously being a slingerland.

What stinks is, for some reason one of the previous owners put on a new snare throw system which required drilling two small holes to mount. Other than that it's in really good shape.

I'm not sure if they're the original hoops that came with it. I've seen some that have "slingerland" imprinted on them and these are blank.

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Well congratulations that looks to be pre 1959 Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King. 1 ply maple. The strainer looks to be replaced from its original but its in great shape for being in a barn. Wow.
You can date it using badge and catalog pages here.
I have researched the badge before, but I jsut used that site to research the sparkle. Seems to be that it is a 1956 and it's the last year that they used actual glass for the sparkle! After that year they used colored confetti.
This must be a real lucky find and a real nice piece to have!

Bo Eder

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My first kit was a delapidated gold sparkle Slingerland from the 40s. Your drm makes me miss those. Back in the 70s, my parents bought that kit for $50. Had I known then what I know now....