Vintage Slingerland set value


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Hi, all. A newbie here with some questions about determining value and interest in a vintage Slingerland set I received new as a teen. It was manufactured in 1965, is a 3-piece (kicker, snare, attached tom) in blue pearl. The set is in good condition and the original hardware is in fair condition. Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thx much, Tom.


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I'd watch for what this kit sells for. Then subtract a % for the missing floor tom.
One other thing to note is that this kit is pristine... refurbished or not it is clean. But, there is value in kits that are in original aged condition. It's something to research at any rate.


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Please tell us the sizes of the drums. and list the hardware that you have.
Also put up some pics! Lots of them so that we can make a qualified assessment.
Show any flaws close up in the pics.


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Look here, for more info. on your kit. Slingerland sold kits (so did the other American Companies) that were just those three drums (bass, rack, snare) .... so it might not be missing a floor tom. It may have never had one. As far as current value, eBay is a good source, for info. Just watch some auctions on similar kits. Typically, Slingerland kits sell for less than Gretsch, Rogers, and Ludwig. Won't get you an exact figure, but you'll get in the ballpark.​


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It is always a good idea to get your vintage gear appraised. Not only would you know the general price for resale, but you should also have documentation of the value of the set for your homeowner's insurance. Here is one reputable place to have it appraised.



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Value would also depend on what model you have,soundking,stageband ect.Finish any mods, condition is everything.Sounds like the Windsor or Swingmaster outfit,as neither one came with a floor tom,so it's not really missing.

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All, thx so much for the valuable information. I will complete the required follow-up and post additional info. thx again.