Vintage Pearl Kit - need info please.


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It's an entry/student model drum set.

70's - early 80's.

It wouldn't be worth restoring, unless you just want to clean it up a bit to have a cheap beginner kit.


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Those look like they're from the late 60s. The snare (8-lug) and toms are most probably low, but not lowest end series. But the kick has 20-lugs, so it could have been from another higher level set.

If you are looking at a restoration project, I don't see how wrong you could go wrong for Aus$14. But I'd hesitate without seeing the shells and bearing edges, simply because of the age.
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The finish looks like red oyster. Pretty cool. Looks like (to me) they stopped using that logo in 1970. Here's a link to Pearl catalogs of yore ..... So yeah, a 60's kit.​
Maybe you can find a similar kit, and then you'll know. For $14, you really can't go wrong.​
Thanks everyone! Thanks harry, I've come to the conclusion that it is more than likely one of the super outfit no.1 sets from the 1966 catalog, all of the hardware is exactly the same and its the same set up/finish, even the snare drum is in that catalogue! It's a Pearl Super Metal Snare Drum!

I will definitely buy this and have it restored! Thanks very much for everyones help! :)