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Hello vintage Pearl historians! I have a chance to locally buy what is listed as a Pearl dyna kit (skeptical somewhat) for $700, including the cases for it, made from silver line(haven’t heard of them before). It is a 10 piece and I am certain 2 types of different kits merged in what looks like an off white. The base of the kit is wood it is 12” 13” 16” and 22” with resos. Also This has 6 brothers out of the 8 brothers MIJ fiberglass concert Toms sizes 6”- 14”. Duplicating the 12” and 13” inch Toms. Looking online I really wanted to see a pearl dyna badge but nothing came up, and still unsure if the dyna was a composite material.

What is a dyna and how can I tell if it is a dyna family kit from the badge pics one says made in Japan the other doesn’t - did dyna lend its name to the MIJ series?
How rare are the fiberglass Toms and is this worth getting for these alone?

Enclosed are pictures and your time and help are greatly appreciated!


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My apologies here are some larger images.


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It is at least probably either a standard set with concert toms added or a combo of two. The badge suggests 70s.

Anyway you'd probably have better info going over to the Pearl Forum and posting in their vintage pearl section. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people over there when it comes to vintage pearl stuff.


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Never heard of this dyna thing, other than the Rogers Dynasonic.

I have a wood-fiberglass kit that is almost identical to this kit. Even the color. Anywho, all my badges say Made in Japan. Opposite side is another badge. It should either say Wood-Fiberglass, Fiberglass, or possibly the wood species (that may have been later).

The tom arms aren't pipe style. They are ball and socket hex arms. You wanna check the locking screws on those.

Sorry, I know nothing about the concert toms, or the value of the kit for that matter. That being said, a pile of drums with cases for $700? If they were in good shape I would. But then again, they match mine. That would seal it for me.