Vintage ludwig equivalent


Skitch is deffinatly right although you could look at Ludwig's Legacy line with 3 ply maple/poplar/maple shells like back in the day


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Even though the Legacy line of drums is modeled after the classic Ludwigs that we all love, there are enough differences that it doesn't sound the same. Some of them just can't be reproduced. Also, a decent used vintage kit will cost about a third of what a new Legacy will.

+1 for buy vintage!!!


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True on the vintage drums... except that buying an old kit brings with it some potential serious issues: edge problems, out-of-round problems, finish problems, hardware problems. Basically, buying a Ludwig Hollywood kit (a 5-pc) could easily result in 3 toms that don't sound like they're from the same family... drum company... or universe. You'd really have to see/play the kit in person to hear how it sounds and determine what repairs it might need (and vintage parts can be expensive!) So, no ebay unless the kit is local and the seller will allow you to see it first (good luck.)

While Legacies are typically more expensive, you can be assured that the hardware is new, easily replaceable down the line, and that the drums sound great together.



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what would be the modern day ludwig drum set that would sound the most like the originals
The Legacy line that's what Ludwig was striving for Vintage sound w/modern hardware the best of both worlds one of these days i'm getting a big 4-piece(26",14",18" & 14"x 6.5") but that's way in the future not until this darn economy turns around there expensive but beautiful the best Ludwigs IMO.