Vintage Gretsch 3 piece drum kit model # mystery


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Hello, I could use some help. I have a vintage Gretsch 3 piece drum kit that I’m preparing to sell. But I can’t find the serial/model number anywhere inside or outside the kit.
The dimensions are: Bass 22 x 18”/ Tom 12 x 9” / Floor tom 14 x 11”
I bought it used about 20 years ago if that gives any reference point. It’s burgundy red with gold trim. I enclosed a pic if it helps.
The snare & hardware I have Drums 1.JPGthe model #’s. It’s just the bass drum and tom’s that’s a mystery. These Gretsch vintage sets can be pretty pricey so I wanna at least know the ballpark I’m in.
Any assistance would be appreciated!
vintage in the Import sense
not my milieu
That is not vintage. Looks like an early Catalina late 90s early 2000s
Show the badge…my guess is non USA.
Thank you, that’s very helpful and sounds about right. Here's a pic of the tag. Does that help? If it is a Catalina, any guesstimate on a fair used market price for just the Bass and Toms? Thank you again for the assistance!


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