Vintage? Gon Bops Congas


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Hello again all... I've once again been away for a while... And here I am again.

This time I have come into possession of what appear to be (according to the last hour or so's worth of research) a set of early-80's Gon Bops Congas, an IC 3000 (Conga) and an IT 3000 (Tumba).

They're both in pretty good shape. The Conga has some cracks on the end (but according to what I've read, nothing that someone who knows what they're doing couldn't fix).

In any case, I'm trying to see what these things are worth. I won't tell you what I paid for them (yet)... But I want to see what y'all think!


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As for dollar amount, I have no idea.

Gon Bops isn't as well known as LP, but way back when I was working the Guitar Center in San Francisco, all the hard core traditional Latin guys really wanted the harder to find Gon Bops stuff.

So it's one of those things, to an every day player, they may not be worth a lot, but to an avid traditional conga player, they would be highly valuable.


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I'm sure you have checked eBay so you will know that they go for around $150 to $400 per drum depending on condition (and in some cases providence). Matt Smith does great restoration. Also check out; lots of gon bop owners there.



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Thanks for all the great replies guys... From what I can tell I've just got to find the right buyer (someone who knows what they're worth) and I'll be liable to get some good money out of them. I'd love to keep them, I just don't have any foreseeable gigs that would be asking me to play congas!