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This is truly the holy grail of Slingerland collectibles. This is an ultra rare Slingerland Black Beauty. 5x14. These are the rarest of all black beauties and are rarer than any Ludwig black beauties. There are less than 12 known examples of Slingerland black beauties in the world. The drum was catalogued from 1928-1932 and very few examples were built. The shell is heavy brass, and the drum weighs more than Ludwig black beauties since Slingerland used a heavy double flanged rim rather than the lighter, single flanged variety Ludwig used. Very few examples of these drums ever surface. We were involved in assisting on the last two such sales, and we can tell you with great assurance that these drums are exceedingly scarce and prices for them have continued to sky rocket over the years. This drum is in excellent original condition with lots of black remaining on the shell, and the art gold hardware is in remarkably good shape for an 80 year old drum. The photos show the drum exactly as we received it. Nothing has been done to alter this drum from its original state. There are 4 replacement clips that were used since 4 of the originals started to crack, which is common. We can acquire four replacement clips easily. The three point strainer works great and the drum has old calf heads and original cable snares. This is truly a rare opportunity to acquire the rarest of all black beauty snare drums. $20,000