Vintage drum owners

john gerrard

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Forgive me if this seems like I should have already known this. But I'm restoring an older Ludwig kit. They were in pretty sad shape when I got them. Considering the condition of the drums, the first thing I did was remove the heads and check to see if they were still in round. Unbelievably they still were. When I went to put new kick drum heads on I had a really hard time with the claws fitting over the bass drum hoops. Well I just thought the hoops were warped so I ordered new hoops. Same problem. Then I happened to think that maybe some of the claws had happened to get bent. Problem solved. I took a pair of pliers and reshaped some of the claws to fit the rim better and all is well. It seems the claws are made out of really soft steel, so they must be easy to bend out of shape. Just thought I may pass this on. Who knows it may help someone else. John

Bo Eder

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Good thinking! Yeah, they are a little soft. One time I did that and proceeded to bend it back to shape and it snapped!


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Welcome to the world of vintage drums. QC was not always amazing and its hard to find drums that have not been modified.

john gerrard

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Well Bo, I was lucky and went very easy. So I guess there is another lesson to be learned. If you do need to reshape proceed with caution.

I guess the newer die cast claws won't have this problem. John