Vinnie with RLJ?


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identify the drummer in this footage - With 70s hair it's hard to tell... almost looks like Vinny A.

got to be Vinnie C. playing all the intricate parts so tight (original on album mostly Gadd). Killer band anyway, also who's the guitarist?


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You think that's Vinnie Colaiuta? I'm not sure, it doesn't really look like him to me. Not just the personal appearance, but the way he moves on the drums looks different to me. Whoever it is, he's crushing it.


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According to her website, this is the personnel list of everyone who contributed to her first album:

Michael "Bobby" Boddicker - Synthesizer
Red Callender - Bass
Nick DeCaro - Accordion/Orchestral Arrangements
Buzzy Feiten - Guitars
Victor Feldman - Drums/Keyboards/Percussion
Chuck Findley - Horns
Steve Gadd - Drums
Ralph Grierson - Keyboards
Randy Kerber - Keyboards
Neil Larsen - Keyboards
Arno Lucas - Background Vocals
Johnny Mandel - Orchestral Arrangements
Michael McDonald - Background Vocals
Randy Newman - Synthesizer
Andy Newmark - Drums
Jeffrey Porcaro - Drums
Mac Rebennack - Keyboards
Tom Scott - Horns
Leslie Smith - Background Vocals
Mark Stevens - Drums/Percussion
Fred Tackett - Guitars/Mandolin
Joe Turano - Background Vocals
Ernie Watts - Horns
Willie Weeks - Fender Bass
Matthew Wiener - Background Vocals

No Vinnie C. on the list. Whomever it is seems to sit higher than Vinnie does. None of this means he isn't the touring drummer however. I can't tell.