Vinnie Paul passed


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Man this hurts. I worshiped Pantera in high school. Saw them 4x live, plus Down with Phil and Rex. Anyway, they always were my fav metal band and will be forever. Going to break out the music. RIP Vinnie, RIP Dime. Thank you for the music.


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One of my favorite bands of all time Pantera, and THE biggest inspiration to me as a Drummer - Vinnie Paul. He changed the world of metal drumming as Chris Adler stated, the man is a legend.

Today is an extremely sad day for me. RIP metal God of Drums.


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I won't say I was a big Pantera fan, but I owned many of their albums. But Vinnie Paul was certainly an influence. He really changed the approach to hard rock drumming. He took double bass from "look how fast I can play" to make it more syncopated, heavier, and with a strong sense of groove.

And outside of drumming, he started and ran several businesses.

Hard to believe there is so much tragedy in one family. I can't imagine being Vinnie's father who now has to bury both of his sons.

When I was in my twenties I played in an old man band, it was an AC/DC tribute band. The bass player, who was pushing 60, used to pick me up for practice every now and again. one Day we were listening to pantera on the way to practice and he told me “ the guitarist is good but damn does that drummer make me wanna play drums!”
I loved pantera his playing was always so inspired!! I can’t count the times I’d be listening and just get goosebumps. I was lucky enough to see them once open for sabbath in 98 maybe, but unluckily enough the only seats I scored were behind the stage. As a drummer this was awesome but as a fan it kinda sucked, I got to watch him play from behind and I’ll never forget Kat his roadie just moshing by himself breaking stick after stick over his knee. That’s the kinda energy that band brought, that guy has probably seen them a thousand times and still just getting into like it was the first time!
Vinnie will be missed, he was a effing power house drummer
Just to clarify, the only reason I think of the ac/dc tribute band as an “old man band” is because of the age difference between me and them, they were all incredibly cool and taught me a lot about what to do and not to do! Pushing 60 is definitely not old so please don’t take it the wrong way!


So sad to hear this. One of the drummers on my ”most influenced by” list and one of the greatest metal drummers ever imho. Rest in peace, Vinnie


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Pantera are a bit too heavy for my tastes (I’ve since listened to ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ though) but I’ve always very aware of who Vinnie Paul was since the 90’s.

Obviously a very influential drummer and a well known face & person in music in general.

Sad news. His family have been through enough.


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Didn't he have a pool shaped like a Crown Royal bottle or Jack Daniels bottle? I remember being in high school and a buddy turned me on to Pantera, telling me this stuff makes Metallica seem like elevator music. Heavy groove oriented stuff, I dug it. Rest in peace, jam on with Dimebag

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Drummers really give the band their "something", can't quite put my finger on it. Vinnie did just that, he made Pantera sound like Pantera, I think lot of it had to do with tempo and the sound of the drums. Good journeys.