Vinnie or Jeff?


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Ok. Listening to both back to back I can now say I was wrong. Lady On The Phone is Vinnie. All of the drumming in the very beginning is quintissential Vinnie. Just listen to how he's splashing the hi hat while still doing the groove in the beginning of the tune. I think Walkabout is Jeff. Far simpler drumming.
The hi-hat pattern is definitely characteristic of Vinnie, as is the confident and slightly urgent, bass drum playing. A couple other things give it away, during the intro section. First, there are the constant variations, rather than a repetitive pattern. Second, every rhythm of bass and keyboards is explicitly accompanied, and every long note or space has a fill, in some way. Vinnie isn’t “busy”, he’s just very detailed and thorough. He tends to play in unison much more so than Porcaro.