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Hi friends

My friends of WEBAIR ( - my webhost - installed and test now a CDN (Content distribution and delivery Network) for the Videos and Sounds. This means the Videos on Drummerworld will always load from servers next to the person, so it will load VERY VERY fast - so we can improve the quality of the side.

Can you just check out a Drummerworld Video and do you see an improvement from your place where you live?

Thanks for feedback .....and tell me where you live...

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Terry Branam

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Hi Bernhard,

Yes, I noticed a significant improvement with the download speed here. I was up to 1.7 mb a second. Very fast indeed!




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I didn't notice any significant time difference between clicking on a video and when the video started, but the shaded grey bar shot right through to the end. There had been times when watching videos where the playing of the video caught up to the download and would stop until the download got ahead of the video playing. I don't see where that will happen again. Thank you.


Significant improved speed, although the first two videos I clicked on were not available.

Lancaster, England.


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Yes Bernhard. A big difference. Nice move!

Herefordshire (middle of nowhere) UK.