Video of our band playing


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Loved it! Very tasteful, supportive drumming, and I loved the band! Wish I lived closer so I could take my wife to see you guys. I could pour myself a whiskey and listen to you guys all night long.


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You know one of the ways you can tell you have been listening to a really good drummer?

When you walk away from a tune thinking-“that was a really good song!”

Very well done PPG!

I’ll be back!


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Wow, I didn’t really expect such positive feedback! You guys are a real inspiration. I have another video and a new single I’ll post at a later date. Thanks again! Y’all are the best!


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Man that's an awesome band to be in Porkpie-your playing is spot on too. I like the singer and harmonizing vocals-you don't see a lot of good harmony in many bands. Are y'all based in South Carolina?