Video/audio recorders?

What's are some good video/audio recorders for drummers? I've seen a lot of buzz about the Zoom q3hd but it seems to be discontinued and a bit dated. I've seen some eBay listings for pretty cheap. Is it worth getting, or should I invest in a newer, more expensive device? I'm really not looking for the most pro quality. Just something better than my iPhone 5s that can make quick videos on the fly.

Bo Eder

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I have both the Zoom Q8 and the Q2n. The Q2n is tiny and does a reasonable job. At $139 not a bad tool, but if you get that one, get the optional AC adapter because it uses two AA batteries and eats through a set rather quickly.


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Similar to Bo, I've got the Q3HD and more recently the Q8. I use the Q3HD quite regularly, hardly use the Q8. Only because I'm not keen on the wide angle fish eye lens effect it has. That said, it does capture more of what you're pointing it at and it does have two XLR inputs. So you can take it to gigs and plug in a snare and kick mic if you want as well as using the built in mics for overall recording, kind of like overheads. And yes, even the Q3HD goes through batteries quickly, and so I use rechargeables and mostly use it at home anyway.