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Hey y'all,

My birthday's coming around in a few weeks and my folks asked what I wanted as a present. This semester is my first once taking jazz combo at my university, and I wanna start using my Pearl Eliminator for my practice and performance. However, the stock eliminator beaters have really, really hard felt and plastic faces, which I don't think would be appropriate for the ensemble. So, I wanna explore the Vic Kick stuff, in particular the fleece option. But before I ask for one and get landed with something not worthwhile, has anyone tried the fleece beater? Is there another option that would be better?


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I own the felt-head ones and I love those, and I've tried the Fleece, and they are OUTSTANDING. If you're playing in the kind of jazz ensemble I'm thinking of, I'd say that'll give you a pretty amazing sound.


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I love the felt one, and personally, I'd use that for most jazz, but if you're playing in a combo (especially a more laid-back one) the fleece could be just the thing.

I'm still waiting for someone who's tried both the Vic and the Vater Bomber to offer their judgement between the two.

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...the radial felt beaters provide a punchy, higher pitched and louder sound...

...i would think the fleece beaters would provide a boomy, lower pitched and quieter sound (based on experience with the vater bomber, which has a cork - as opposed to felt - center)...
I have the flleece beater and love it. I used the Vater vintage bomber before and prefer the Vic Firth now. They are very similar but I feel the Vic Firth has a thicker fleece.
If you use a coated head do yourself a favor and apply some type of patch where the beater strikes the head or you will wear through the fleece quickly. My Vater bomber did this so I would just keep rotating it but applying a thin patch has kept the Vic like new.