Vibes earplugs


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My kid is going into marching band and the director recommended "high fidelity earplugs". I had never heard of these, but bought some "Vibes" brand ones. When they came I tested them out with my drumset, and they are absolutely amazing. It really is like everything sounds normal, except not as loud. I'm really impressed. I wear in-ear monitors so I can play to music or listen to lessons, and they aren't that bad, but they do attenuate higher frequencies more. The headphones we have sound like an echo chamber, amplifying the low end.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it in case others didn't know about them. I'll probably order another set and use it when I'm practicing without external input, at least until I get around to micing the drums.


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I have the Ear-Peace brand, except mine are Zildjian branded. The little tubes down the middle allow all the frequencies through. Since I'm not in the rock drumming game anymore, I mostly use them at the gym where the music is often +90dB.


I just switched to Vibes because I read they were the most comfortable of the earplugs (aside from getting professionally fitted) and I agree. The round shape, plus the fact they come in 3 sizes, is by far the most comfortable earplugs I've worn.


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I agree, the Vibes ear plugs are really good.
I have a couple sets of these. The more expensive titanium set is clearer sounding to my ears.
I like them for most things other than playing gigs (they cut the sound down a little too much), but seeing other bands play, rehearsals, or home playing they are great.

I also really like the Earasures plugs.
These for me work for anything, and bring down everything evenly.

The Earasures were less money, but still $40.


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Interesting comments.

I Love Vibes plugs. I have tried many, and for me, they work the best - but not just for concerts, but for live play.

I feel I can hear very well, yet it is not loud. Most important, I love the way it makes my kit sound. It softens the higher frequencies coming off the kit that, to my ears, are so loud when sitting right at the kit. These plugs really enhance my experience behind the kit.


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Just to bring balance to the force, I find Vibes to be uncomfortable. I tried all three sizes of tip and none of them fit well. I have oddly shaped ears though. When I got fitted for custom mold in-ears, the audiologist couldn’t get the molds to meet the standard of the manufacture. I forget the exact problem, but it was something about my ear canal being too short before it turns.


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Bummer. Comfort is a challenge for many. I have tried many others that I also found uncomfortable. But, with the 3 different tip sizes, and the softness of the tips, I found the Vibes plugs to be super comfortable.