Very cool looping performance


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What you need then, is something like the Electro Harmonix 45000

A lot of the current loopers use Memory Cards, so yes, they have a lot of storage capability. My Jamman has 6.5 hours worth of memory.
Many loopers also have USB ports, so you can back up your files to computer, or transfer files from your computer to your looper.​

Thanks Harry...appreciate it​


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Yeah that’s what I’m sayin. If you’re performing with a looper, there’s no way to create more than one loop at a time so you could have different sections without stopping the process. Even though you can have a looper that will store different loops, you can’t actually create all these different loops on the fly live. I guess that’s just the limit of this technology.

Besides, for $500 I can hire a couple of ace musicians, call it the Bo Eder Trio and have a blast ;)
Bo, have you seen Abeltons Launchpad? I'm pretty sure it's an on the fly device.