very angry about these sticks

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Well, this thread has certainly taken a turn from the absurd to the completely ridiculous. If you're playing singles, doubles, flams, and any combination of those you ARE playing rudiments. Don't be a caveman. Any hack can learn how to bash away on the drums. We wonder why drummers don't get the respect from other musicians? Want to call me a technique snob? Thank you. You're darn right I am. Just like any other musician you need to learn how to play the instrument, not simply crank a sound out of it. A good drummer learns how to perform on the instrument with a wide variety of technique.


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Hey Drummerworld,

I posted this in the Breaking Sticks thread as well, but I thought it was also appropriate for this discussion as well.

I was checking out Steve Smith's web site and I came across some clips of him talking about the gear he uses. One of the clips is him talking about his signature sticks.

At about the 1:50 mark he talks about how improving his technique allowed him to move from the large 2b's he used with Journey down to 5a's (his sig stick is essentially a 5a with a elogated tip) and still maintain a big sound when needed and dramatically reduced the frequency of breaking sticks.

Hopefully this adds some insight for an experienced pro.

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but i guess someone decided to put pdp heads on it. I dont really know, that doesnt really explain my broken stick
Sticks break all the time, but never like that for me. Perhaps it was a bad one in the batch.

Im lucky if i get a week out of a pair of sticks.
A week!

I've been playing drums for 27 years, and you know what? I don't know one stinkin' rudiment, and I can play plenty of odd time signatures and different styles of music. You know, some people really can play without knowing rudiments or practicing 10 hours a day.
For 27 years you would have included some rudiments in your playing, even if you don't know what they are, but they would have been there. Everything you play involves one. The whole purpose to practice these (and lots of other techniques!) is to improve your drumming skills and add extra flair in your playing. There are a billion different ways to go round a kit.

I use Vater Rocks.I probably go through two to three sticks a practice. I rimshot every stroke.
How long are your practices? I rimshot alot too, but I only get alot of wear and tear on the stick where it came in contact with the rim. I don't see how you go through a couple of Vater Rock sticks (a little thicker than 5B) in one practice.


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I agree the rudiments are probably there at times, I just don't know what to call them. I'm completely self taught, so I don't know all of the technical terms for everything I'm playing, and I play everything by ear.

Yeah, 2 or 3 sticks a practice is brutal and expensive. Those Vater rock sticks are tree trunks, too. With rim shots, I find you don't have to hit as hard to get good volume, but you will get alot more stick wear either way. That's why I don't rimshot everything. You might be better off with one of those cheap stick bricks if you're breaking that many sticks anyway.

wy yung

so my new sticks just broke, vic firth "rock" sticks. I thought these sticks were huge and long, i didnt think i could break them. i was wrong. went right through the drumhead and snapped one of em in half. So now, im gonna mak sure this never happens again. Promark DC3S white oak drumsticks. bigger and more badder than the others, they better not break. does anyone play/played with these and know what they're like
Sounds like a technique issue to me. Are you allowing the stick to rebound or are you swatting down through the head with a tense grip?