Velcro on Bass Drum Mute Falls Off


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How do you make velcro stick to a bass drum mute pad? It sticks fine to the bass drum head, but not to the mute. It just falls off. I used industrial strength velcro. I know it's possible to do this. Do you think it matters what brand you have? Aren't they all made of the same material no matter who you get it from? Sound Percussion, Vic Firth, Vater, HQ, etc?


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What's wrong with a bit of glue?
Is that what you do? You know, this did cross my mind to try super glue. But boy, what a mess that will be. Then I hear that stuff can come out, and then it's all over the floor. I dont' like the idea of it, but I may just try that as a last resort. It also means you've now ruined the head. That's okay, though... it's not important. This head is just for practice anyway. It's an Aquarian head that has a muffled sound.

I woulda thought more drummers here would know about this. I got the Lidwish beater, and it does help with dampening. But I find I'm still going to need a pad. :(


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Yep, I'd glue that sucker on there and be sure that it never comes off.

Don't do it while everything's still on the drum though. Take the mute and the bit of velcro, put a dab of glue on each, stick 'em together, let it bond for the allotted time and rip into it.