Vater Fusion Sticks


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I've been using these sticks for ages and then one day, I picked my sticks up and they all of a sudden felt a little bit too big!!!!????

Any suggestions for sticks that are a similar size with a ball tip?


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If want to "stick" with Vater, you always try the Studio-2 or 8a series, I also suggest you to try the Session series, I simply fell in love with them.


Whenever i look at sticks i go for vic-firth / promark , never thought about vater at all.


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FWIW: I use both Firth and Vater sticks. I've used the Sessions and liked them. I have a couple pair of the Recording models right now. They are a bit longer than the Sessions. I tried the Fusions and felt they were too heavy for me. All the Vaters I've used have seemed balanced and well made.

I'm somewhat drifting right now between models for medium to loud playing but have always considered both of these companies.

To feel what's right for you, you have to just try out different models. I settled on these two manufacturers. The only bad experience I had with any sticks in the last 15 years has been Zildjian. Can't remember which model but they felt great yet they broke very quickly. And I'm just not a stick-breaking kind of guy. None of the other brands I tried at the time had breakage issues.


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Hi Shedboyxx!

I know exactly what you mean! Both the John Otto and Travis Barker signature series sticks broke really quickly! The JO's went after about 4 hits!!!!!!!!

Thinking about the Vater John Blackwell Jia Angels or the Vic Firth AS5A's.